Hello, and welcome to my portfolio blog. This is to showcase some of the writing for publications I've done. I don't have digital copies readily available, so I've used photos.


The following are compilations I've written for the AFWJ Journal. It's a private publication so personal information has been obscured.

Under the theme 'You', a collection of members' blogs, plus their comments about blogging:

In the 'Jobs' issue, I gathered members' reports of their husbands' jobs:

For a short while, I collected the links and information shared on our Yahoo group with the wider membership in the Journal:

This fun article was accompanied by a blog post with YouTube links!

I asked members for 'Six Words' stories here:

Angela Aki Interview

As part of an issue about talent (edited by me) I interviewed pop star and member's daughter Angela Aki

Finally, An Official Home in Japan

A news piece about the legislation change that put foreigners off the separate register and into the Juminhyou with their families.


For another issue I edited, with a nature theme. Here's my take on attitudes towards nature in my home country and adopted country.

Religion in Japan and Japanese Religions

In an issue I edited about religion, an overview of world religions in Japan, and a brief explanation of the two main Japanese religions:


A partly imagined, partly historical story of the Mongolian invasion: